Configuring Data Storage#

Once you have set up the software environment, the one remaining piece is to set up your data storage. Since this project uses DVC, you will need to configure a DVC remote to store your data. This will require around 200GB of space for all of the relevant data files, and is in addition to the files in your local repository.


It is possible to get away without a remote if you only need one copy of the data, but as soon as you want to move the data between multiple machines or use DVC’s import facilities to load it into an experiment project, you will need a remote.

The repository is configured with our internal remote, but due to data redistribution restrictions we can’t share access to this remote.

What you need to do:

  • Remove our remote (with dvc remote remove) or by editing .dvc/config).

  • Add your remote (with dvc remote add or by editing .dvc/config). You can use any remote type supported by DVC.

  • Configure your remote as the default (with dvc remote default).


Since we have a server with a lot of disk space, our research group uses Garage as our DVC remote. It is an S3-compatible storage server that lets us use DVC with good performance and without incurring the costs of storing in the Amazon public cloud.


If you are a PIReT member using the tools, you can continue to use the configured remote, and use dvc pull to fetch the data files without re-running everything.