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Code for processing and integrating book data.

The book data tools are developed as a monolithic executable. The commands themselves live under cli, while the rest of the package contains data definitions and helper routines that build on this code. The tools are not currently usable as a library; you can extend them by adding additional commands to the cli module (src/cli/ in the source tree).


  • amazon 🔒
    Structs defining Amazon data sets.
  • arrow 🔒
  • cleaning 🔒
    Utilities for cleaning data.
  • cli 🔒
    Command line interface for book data.
  • gender 🔒
    Code for working with genders.
  • goodreads 🔒
    Schemas and processing logic for GoodReads data.
  • graph 🔒
  • ids 🔒
    Identifiers, namespaces, and their management.
  • Manage and deduplicate ratings and interactions.
  • io 🔒
  • layout 🔒
    Utilities for working with the directory tree layout.
  • marc 🔒
    Process and store MARC data.
  • openlib 🔒
    OpenLibrary data layouts and parsing logic.
  • parsing 🔒
    Parsing utilities. Format-specific parsing is in various other modules.
  • prelude 🔒
  • tsv 🔒
  • util 🔒
    Various utility modules.